TeleHealth365 Inc. Makes Its Telehealth Platform Free to Healthcare Providers for Six Months

TeleHealth365 Inc. announced a comprehensive new strategy to help healthcare providers combat COVID-19 across the United States. For the next six months, it is making its telehealth video clinic, Omnipresence Clinic, free for Federally Qualified Health Centers and other healthcare providers.

​​​​​​At this time of a global pandemic and national emergency, healthcare providers and patients are seeking safe and innovative ways to provide and receive care while maintaining social distancing due to COVID-19. In his press conference on the White House lawn on Friday (March 13, 2020), President Trump indicated that telehealth is a wonderful solution to combat disease. He said, “What they have done with telehealth is incredible. It gives remote doctors’ visits and hospital check-ins.”

TeleHealth365’s latest campaign is helping to treat and lessen the spread of COVID-19 throughout the United States, by helping patients see doctors at home through their video clinic, known as Omnipresence Clinic – thus maintaining patient isolation wherever it is needed.

Omnipresence Clinic is a cloud-based telehealth solution and is customized to support primary healthcare providers, cardiologists, dermatologists, orthopedic specialists and psychiatrists. “We are making our Omnipresence Clinic available free for Federally Qualified Health Centers and other healthcare providers for the next six months. This innovative technology can support the health and wellbeing of patients and healthcare workers alike,” said Chief Medical Officer of TeleHealth365, Dr. Jagdish Patel. “Many patients can receive treatment without the need for crowded waiting rooms, avoiding cross infection and, thus, flattening the spread of COVID-19.”

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) treat underserved populations and are ideal candidates for a telehealth remote clinic. A recent survey of FQHCs showed that these centers often struggle for financial growth. “Our Omnipresence clinic not only makes sense for good health, it makes good business sense. It’s a great strategy for building patient retention as well. Giving patients the care they need where they need it can build brand loyalty and healthy and prosperous communities,” said CEO Vijay Sharma. “This campaign will shortly go beyond FQHCs to include all types of healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics and solo medical practitioners.”

Omnipresence Clinic is already being successfully used at leading hospitals in the United States for over two years. Thousands of patients have been treated. Here is a link to a video about one of the sites where Telehealth365’s technology is currently being deployed:

About TeleHealth365 Inc.

Telehealth365 Inc is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, USA. It serves Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), Rural Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Home Healthcare throughout the USA. TeleHealth365 provides Medical Physicians and a full telehealth platform to healthcare providers in the United States.

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