Sonage Skincare Launches Plant-based VEGAN Collagen Boosting Serum for Healthier Skin

LOS ANGELES  — Sonage Skincare launches a plant-based, cruelty-free Vegan Collagen Boosting Serum to firm and awaken the skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines while neutralizing free radical damage. Accompanied with a virtual ASMR experience, this product revolutionizes the way we think about skincare.

“Many consumers may not realize that traditionally Collagen is sourced from fish scales or the skin and bones of animals. Sonage has been researching and testing the efficacy of plant-based collagen for the past 18 months and I am so excited to launch our Collagen Boosting Serum that is 100% vegan, certified by AVA,” declares Anisha Khanna, CEO of Sonage Skincare.

Collagen is a protein that is responsible for the strength and structure of our hair, skin and nails. Since collagen production naturally declines as we age and is also weakened by everyday exposure to pollutants and free radicals, replenishing it naturally with a vegan collagen booster like our Sonage Collagen Boosting Serum improves the health and appearance of our complexion while preventing future collagen loss.

Our new Collagen Boosting Serum contains plant collagen, a new innovative technology created by binding together rice amino acids, soy protein and baboab adansonia resulting in a complex that provides an organic compound similar to animal-derived collagen in function and sensory profile.

Key benefits: Skin-plumping, wrinkle filling and vegan-collagen formulation. Hydrate’s skin and smooths fine lines. This plant-based collagen serum rejuvenates for younger looking skin.

Besides packing powerful vegan ingredients, the Sonage Collagen Boosting Serum comes in a post-consumer recycled PET bottle with an airless pump technology that improves the shelf life of the product, works with a vacuum effect, so no straw and zero wasted and prevents contamination. Our outer boxes are also FSC certified recycled boxes made from materials sourced from sustainably managed forests that preserve biological diversity while benefiting the lives of our community.

AVAILABILITY: $48 at as of May 13, 2021. Join our self-care revolution by visiting us at Instagram: @sonageskincare Facebook: @sonageskincare Twitter: @sonageskincare

About Sonage Skincare: Sonäge /sôn•äge/ (n) derived from the French expression, “Bien porter son âge,” which translates to, “To look good for one’s age.” But our mission goes beyond that. Sonäge advocates a holistic lifestyle, changing the way we treat our bodies to feel good for our age. Beauty, like food, should be a health choice. The New Natural at Sonäge is our commitment to care deeply about the ingredients in our products and make a positive impact on our community of employees, clients and partners. We have been raising the bar even higher by aligning our brand with the Environmental Working Group, supporting EWG Verified™, the gold standard in health and wellness certification. Sonäge is a minority women-owned company that fosters an inclusive workplace. And because we think being kind is beautiful, our products have always been cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

SOURCE Sonage Skincare

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