Saridjo x The Artisans Collection of Face Masks Helps Clients Look Good, Feel Good and Do Good

NEW YORK,  — Face masks are not going away anytime soon. Experts, in fact, predict that they will continue to be a first line of defense against COVID-19 for as many as two more years. As they become more a part of everyday life, a company called, Saridjo has enlisted its network of artisans around the world to create a line of custom-designed embroidered face masks – with a mission.

The Saridjo x The Artisans collection features chic reusable masks designed by a collective of artisans from IndiaIndonesiaMexico and Vietnam, among others, with the individual artists featured on the company’s website. The masks come with a signature gold-plated chain in a choice of lengths or can be made from beads, water pearls and shells. The chains can double as a necklace, wrap bracelet and can be used with sunglasses. Yet at the heart of the venture is a philanthropic commitment to providing economic opportunities for women in developing areas as well as humanitarian aid for children while, at the same time, helping slow the spread of the virus.

“My sister and I founded Saridjo together to combine our passion for quality jewelry with our determination to make a positive difference in the lives of women and children. The business helps female artisans to earn their own income and a portion of all proceeds goes to a designated non-profit to benefit children in crisis,” explained Yudhisty Saridjo. “When the pandemic set in, we knew that the need among both populations could become dire so we introduced these fashion-forward masks to help lessen the impact.”

For its part, Saridjo is best known for its fashion jewelry and accessories that tap into the broad talents of creative partners in diverse countries who design one-of-a-kind rings and necklaces. Many of the pieces feature variants of the evil eye and Hamsa hand, which over time have become symbols of hope and peace.

Saridjo x The Artisans builds on two popular trends right now: face mask fashion and philanthropy. Google has seen a spike in searches for “designer face masks” and “fashion face masks” as more studies show the correlation between wearing masks and slowing the spread of coronavirus as well as lowering the death rate associated with COVID-19. Likewise, philanthropy during the pandemic is surging; surpassing giving levels related to any other national crisis in modern memory.

“Saridjo x The Artisans is all about looking good, feeling good and doing good. That is a concept that our discerning clients want to be part of. With their support, we are able to spread kindness, wellness, compassion and positivity further and wider and we couldn’t be more excited about the potential results,” added Maiya Saridjo-Kim, co-founder.

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