Rosebud Woman™ Launches in Canada With Indigo

LOS ANGELES — Intimate Wellness leader Rosebud Woman™ arrives in Canada with a launch at IndigoCanada’s largest book and gift retailer.

With a suite of luxurious and clean products, Rosebud Woman™ provides a wonderful non-prescriptive alternative for a woman’s most absorbent skin. Rosebud Woman™ integrates daily love for the intimate self with the purest, plant-based ingredients available to help turn women’s everyday routines into a self-love ritual.

“We’re really excited about the opportunity to launch with Indigo and serve the joy and pleasure of Canadian women. This partnership supports our vision of being the bedside favorite of millions worldwide.” – Michelle Fetsch, VP Partnerships, Rosebud Woman™

Formulations are specifically designed to support women’s most common concerns: Moisture and Skin Resilience (Honor Everyday Balm) Sensation and lubrication response (Arouse Stimulating Serum), Irritation and redness (Soothe Calming Cream), and non-drying cleansing (Refresh Cleansing Spray and Cleansing Wipes). Indigo will also carry Rosebud Woman’s performance bodycare, beginning with Anoint Nourishing Body Oil, designed for skin resilience and scar healing.

Rosebud Woman™ goes beyond a luxury skincare line with education, including books such as The Invitation to Daily Self Love, the Body Love Journal, a free course (Body Love Upgrade), and the rose woman, a weekly podcast hosted by company founder Christine Marie Mason, featuring powerful expert insights on more freedom in a female body. In addition, the company’s Reverence Fund donates proceeds from every purchase to support nonprofit partners working on healing violence, economic empowerment, and maternal health.

About Rosebud Woman™

Rosebud Woman™ creates intimate care products for all stages of a woman’s life. Our flagship offerings are vulvar skincare and performance bodycare formulations with impeccable plant-derived ingredients, along with books and accessories to support a woman loving all of her body. Our vegan or beegan products are made in California in a USDA organic certified facility, with sustainable making, carbon emission neutralization, and progressive economics. They can be found in the United States at, as well as retailers and OBGYN offices nationwide.

We believe in women. We believe in the earth and in plant wisdom. We offer products and information to support all of the cycles in a woman’s life. We are a vehicle for respect for the feminine in the world.

SOURCE Rosebud Woman

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