Premier Mental Wellness and Addiction Therapy Center in Miami, FL Offers Implicit Bias Training and Extensive Telehealth Programming

MIAMI  — In July of this year, the team at GIA Miami — led by Executive Chairman and world-renowned neuroscientist Dr. Antonello Bonci — began to treat patients struggling with mental wellness issues and a broad range of addictive behaviors. Starting in September, GIA Miami has added implicit bias training to its extensive list of services.

The term “implicit bias” refers to attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions without our being aware of them. They can be particularly damaging when it comes to interacting with others in social situations and the workplace.

Racism, gender biases, biases involving sexual orientation, and discrimination of any form can no longer be tolerated. It is more important now than ever before that municipal governments, police agencies, employers, institutions of higher education, healthcare systems, and businesses put mechanisms and safeguards in place to ensure that issues of implicit bias are addressed and dealt with appropriately. One critical way of doing this is through working with an entity that can provide certified implicit bias training, like GIA Miami.

In line with GIA’s mission to promote lifelong wellness by applying the knowledge gained by modern science with compassion and respect, their expert clinical team provides implicit bias training and treatment for individuals as well as companies. Their goal is to provide help to those who have been victims of discrimination, but also to those who have perpetrated these wrongs. By offering diagnosis, training, and treatment, GIA Miami aims to combat the discrimination associated with implicit bias on multiple fronts.


The team at GIA Miami believes that even amid the current global health crisis, those in need of implicit bias training — as well as help with mental wellness and addiction issues — should have the access they need to the highest quality programs. To this end, they have developed an extensive telehealth program that allows individuals and organizations to get the care and support they need. The world-renowned clinical staff at GIA Miami continues to tailor each course of treatment and training program to the needs of the individual or organization in question. However, clients can now partake of these services remotely.

Among the telehealth services on offer at GIA are:

  • HIPAA-compliant video conferencing. Meet with our world-renowned team of therapists and clinicians virtually and receive the same high standard of care that you would receive in our in-person program.
  • Web- and telephone-based support. As a patient at GIA, the help you are seeking is only a click or a call away.
  • Educational outreach. Everyone is invited to take advantage of a broad range of educational materials developed by the GIA team. These materials include online classes about implicit bias and mental wellness, a variety of recovery-specific content, and other remote learning opportunities.

Importantly, all of these services and more are now available through the GIA Miami Telehealth App, which is available on all platforms. Get the help you need at the touch of a button.

If you feel that you, someone you care about, or your organization might benefit from the broad range of expert programs that GIA offers, reach out online today or call (833) 713-0828.

About GIA Miami: GIA Miami is a mental wellness and addiction therapy facility located in Miami, Florida. Opened in July 2020, GIA provides patients from all walks of life with the tools they need to achieve their mental health goals and reclaim their lives.

By relying on a broad range of clinical and therapeutic approaches, the expert medical team at GIA collaborates with patients through every step of the healing process.

To learn more, call GIA Miami at (833) 713-0828 or visit their website at


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