Pots, Planters & More Sees Success in 2020 Amid Growth in Home Offices

SKOKIE, Ill.Dec. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As COVID-19 measures have caused a surge in work-from-home mandates across the U.S, leading nationwide supplier of high-quality indoor and outdoor planters for use in commercial settings and stately homes Pots, Planters & More has experienced a 10 percent increase in pots and planters being sold this year as a direct result of people working from and spending more time at home. With customers looking for pleasant decor and the numerous benefits provided by real-life plants, including improved air quality, greater productivity, and a boost in mood, this increase in sales is due to a rise in demand and orders for indoor planters directly to homeowners and among the residential design partners of Pots, Planters & More over the last nine months.

“Because so many employees are now working from home, we’ve noticed that our customers have a desire to add a touch of nature to not only brighten up their space but to also enhance wellness and boost their productivity,” said Jason Wyrwicz, Owner of Pots, Planters & More. “Our selection of planters go way beyond simply being a vessel for your plants. We offer a wide range of sophisticated modern designs and regal traditional pieces. Additionally, our hand-finishing process and custom metal and fiberglass options allow you to customize your planters to perfectly fit the feel and design aesthetic of your home office.”

On top of residential sales, this year, products supplied by Pots, Planters & More have also assisted businesses in their efforts to follow COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, while maintaining their brand image, by helping to divide space. For example, several restaurants created segmented outdoor dining spaces by outlining areas with planters.

In 2021, pending final quality checks, Pots, Planters & More is planning to launch a number of new products and aims to be able to announce these products by the end of the first quarter next year.

Pots, Planters & More is the premiere source of tasteful and beautifully elegant indoor and outdoor plant containers that deliver high-impact style. The company sells its products direct-to-consumers and also works with design partners, helping them furnish the properties of major clients, such as Facebook, Google, and Shake Shack.

Pots, Planters & More carries a variety of high-quality and durable plastic, galvanized steel, aluminum and fiberglass planter boxes, windowsill planters, pots and more that are both chic and made to last. Customers who shop directly on the Pots, Planters & More online store can also save with free shipping on most orders.

About Pots, Planters & More
Pots, Planters & More is a leading nationwide provider of high-quality indoor and outdoor planters for use in restaurants, hotels, retail locations, office buildings, campuses, luxury landscapes, stately houses, and the homes of the consumers. The company offers a wide range of high-quality planters, pots, and planter boxes that are made to last and can also be customized to suit any design aesthetic. For more information, please visit PotsPlantersAndMore.com.

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