NAIPO Announces World’s 1st Smart Steam Massager Foot Spa – oFlexiSpa

NAIPO announced the launch of oFlexiSpa™, a revolutionary new smart steam massager and foot spa that brings the benefits of a professional foot spa to the home. Available now:

A relaxing foot spa is a proven way to improve blood circulation, ease muscle and joint pain, alleviate swelling, and promote better sleep. It is also a great way to relax and unwind from the stress of everyday life. However, traditional foot massagers were never easy or effective at home. They require almost half an hour of warm-up time and involve filling a heavy bucket of sloshing water that is messy and inconvenient.

The new oFlexiSpa™ changes all that with modern features, easy control and a convenient no-mess approach to foot health. It is the world’s first smart steam massager, bringing the comforts of a foot spa into the home. It requires just under a cup of water and a mere 30 seconds to get up and running. It creates an immersive, relaxing treatment that combines the comforting relief of rolling massagers with the soothing effects of steam. Best of all, it is quick, easy and requires no lengthy setup.

“Like everything in life, technology is adding efficiency, convenience and cost savings. oFlexiSpa is part of that movement. It reinvents the foot spa experience, making it faster, easier and less messy. Because of that, people can make it part of their daily routine and enjoy more benefits of regular foot care for better health, comfort, and happiness.” –CEO of NAIPO, Ivan Lau.

Comfortable, relaxed feet take just seconds with oFlexiSpa™. After a cup of water is inserted, steam is created in 30 seconds. And after selecting time and temperature settings, an immersive steam spa is ready.

The ergonomically-designed electric massaging rollers of the oFlexiSpa™ provide a gentle massage to your feet to ease tension and relax muscles. Its specially designed 3D electric rollers fit any foot size for a comforting deep tissue massage. It just takes 20 minutes a day to enjoy the full benefits of relaxing therapeutic steam and massage, and because the spa uses steam instead of hot water, there is no mess, no stress and no cleanup.

A professional foot spa experience has never been easier with oFlexiSpa™. With this innovative new health assistant, Everyone can take better care of their feet, feel better overall and relax in the comfort of their own home with the soothing benefits of steam and massage.

The revolutionary oFlexiSpa™ massager and foot spa is available now with special pricing and incentives for early adopters.

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