Design for Wellbeing: CHACCRA Launches Uplifting, Summery Rugs as We Welcome the ‘New Normal’ and Home-centric Wellness

LONDON / — This summer sees the launch of two new flat woven rug designs for CHACCRA’s eponymous design collection; the Chakra Design Collection. A collection that fuses Nepalese artisanal rug craft with innovative weave methodologies and abstract design, both handcrafted designs play with pile heights and the unique nature of pure Tibetan wool to create soft and encouraging textures and mindful interaction.

The first of the new additions, Kiraṇa is inspired by the Chakra of the Solar Plexus; soft and fluid, reminiscent of leaves on flowing water. Kiraṇa is an expression of the traditional colour set of the Third Chakra, harnesses warm and curious shades to inspire creativity, curiosity and new beginnings.

The second, Ātma rug is inspired by the Sacral Chakra. Designer of both rugs Julia Guenther said: “Ātma invites vitality and creativity into rooms with a collection of vibrant and emotive oranges, a variety of playful pile heights, and lucid, tactile textures. Ātma harnesses a sensual and flourishing motif that blossoms and unfolds in movement, following fluid lines and organic compositions reminiscent of nature and earthly intuition.”

On the collection, CHACCRA’s founder Sharon Shi said: “With the unique situation that we’re currently in globally, we want to continue nurturing and supporting the wellbeing of our customers by encouraging new beginnings as we endeavour to make it through our ‘new normal’. With summer looming, we wanted to introduce a new energy to the home, with warm summery hues and mesmerizing fluidity, to stimulate the sense of new beginnings at home.” Kiraṇa and Ātma are handcrafted by expert artisans in Kathmandu are now available to order at”


CHACCRA is an international team of creatives who design handcrafted rug and homeware collections that are inspired by Nepalese culture. CHACCRA combines ancient craftsmanship with contemporary design to create innovative collections for mindful and energised homes. All collections are handcrafted in Nepal by local artisans and are respectfully designed to encourage balance, adventure and self-expression in modern homes.

CHACCRA chooses natural and recyclable fibre and localised small batch production to ensure the collections are responsible, and the brand encourages sustainable ownership of heirloom pieces that are bought to stand the test of time and changing trends.



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