BEIJING,   —  Grin Natural – a NZ natural oral care brand who has recently entered the US, has launched “We Are One” – a Share One, Give One initiative to all of its online community.

In the lead up to Mother’s Day, Grin is calling on people in the US and from around the world to share a message of love, hope and togetherness during this extraordinary time we’re currently living in.

Every message created using the tag #Shareagrin, Grin will donate one eco-friendly toothbrush to a child in need, so every message provides a tangible benefit to those that need it most.

Social good is part of Grin’s ethos and just one of the reasons why they’ve generated so much support in their five years of offering modern oral care. Recently, Grin joined forces with twelve other consumer brands in New Zealand to donate nearly US $200,000 worth of Care Packs to the local front-line healthcare workers, taking just one week to initiate.

Tara Tan, Co-founder of Grin shares the purpose behind their latest We Are One campaign “It is very simple and pure, we want to do social good that makes a difference,” Tara says.

“We believe that a brand can exist in the world and prove that it is needed by everyone, because it can create value for society, and not just provide a good product. When we founded Grin, we proposed to do ‘better for you, better for the community, and better for the environment’. Otherwise, what we do is meaningless.”

To ensure the donated brushes reach the ones most in need, Grin is proud to announce that they have partnered with UNICEF who will be working to distribute the donated product to individual and communities most in need.


Grin stated that one of the contributing factors for this initiative, was sparked by two US-based students.

“When we first entered the US market two months ago, we received a letter from two middle school students, Claire and Elva, about their public welfare project, and what they hoped to do for the children in the global epidemic situation. We were deeply moved and decided to immediately respond to the call of this welfare project with our ‘We Are One‘ project,” says Tara.

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